Mike Heskin joins Board of Avoca Hockey Club

I am delighted to announce that Mike Heskin has been co-opted to the Board of the Club. We look forward to benefiting from Mike’s deep experience in Leadership positions across a range of Sports helping guide the future of your Club.

Mike Heskin

Mike Heskin, although not a hockey player himself,  comes from a hockey family. Mike’s wife Ger (Lupton) and two daughters have played for Connacht, his son currently plays in the UK and his mother played for Connacht and Ireland in the 1950s. Angela Lupton his mother-in-law was a past President of The Irish Ladies Hockey Association.

Mike served on the Board of both The Irish Hockey Association and Hockey Ireland. In 2012 Mike was appointed the CEO of the Irish Hockey Association. During his term the governing body of Irish Hockey was incorporated and became Hockey Ireland, a national league was established (the EY League) and Irish Hockey gain it first ever Olympic qualification. (Rio Olympics).

Mike’s main sport is rowing where as an athlete he has won national titles and rowed for Ireland. As a coach he has won multiple national titles and coaches Ireland to European and World Championship level. He was the High-Performance Manager for the Beijing Olympics. He has serves three terms as a Board member of Rowing Ireland.

Mike has just retired as the Director of Sports at the University of Galway and is a current member of the Sport Ireland High Performance Committee.

He attended St Joseph’s College Galway, and Blackrock College Dublin. Mike holds a BSc (Hons) in Surveying from Trinity.

Yours in Sport
Dennis O’Connor
Avoca Hockey Club Clg

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