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Avoca Hockey Club is a vibrant hockey club in the South of Dublin. Formed in 1895 we are one of the oldest and biggest clubs in Ireland with well over 1000 members and countless volunteers.

The clubs main pitch is at Newpark Comprehensive School on Newtown Park Avenue in Blackrock. The other three pitches that we use to cater for our burgeoning membership are at the Dominican College Sion Hill on Cross Avenue in Blackrock, Loreto College Foxrock and at St Andrews College.

Avoca Hockey Club is both a competitive and community club affiliated with Hockey Ireland and Leinster Hockey Association.

Our aim is to provide a fun, inclusive, competitive, safe and social environment in which players of all levels of hockey can develop their skills whilst also enjoying this great Sport!

Our men’s squads compete in EYHL1, Leinster divisions 1B, 2, 4, 5 and 6 this season. Our 6 women’s squads compete in Leinster divisions 1, 2, 4, 5, 8 and 12. On top of competing in Leinster leagues our Senior squads also compete annually in various Irish Outdoor and Indoor cups.

We also boast an active Junior section with approximately 800 boys and girls participating each week. This is complimented by both women’s and men’s VETS squads that play weekly all year around (aged 35-70!!).

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1895 – 1950

While the school started Hockey in 1891, hockey became the School’s principal game from 1895. With Old Boys continuing to play for the School, a “Past and Present” Hockey Club was formed in that year. They won the Irish Junior Cup in 1897, and soon became strong enough to play in Senior League and Cup Competitions.

The present Club was re-formed in 1929 and has entered teams for Senior and other League and Cup Competitions ever since. The Club has played at the site of the present School since 1936, then fielding two teams.


Since the opening of Newpark School in 1973, the growth of the Club has been phenomenal; both in terms of numbers and success. The Club had four men’s teams in 1972, and this had grown to eight Men’s teams and four Ladies teams in 1976, a Ladies team having first been fielded in 1973. When Newpark School was first envisaged, the then Principal of Avoca and Kingstown School, at the request of the President of Avoca Hockey Club, wrote to the Department of Education, identifying the existence of the Hockey Club as a past pupils Club and seeking assurance of the continuing recognition of our special status. This assurance was given and confirmed in a letter received from the Department of Education. Avoca Hockey Club made a considerable contribution in terms of labour and finance, to the maintenance and marking of the two old Grit pitches at Newpark. Consideration was given to changing the name of the Club to “Newpark Hockey Club” but this was not followed up due to wide recognition of the existing name. Avoca Hockey Club has a high standing in both Leinster and Irish Hockey. Thirty-six of our players have gained full Senior International Caps (Outdoor) and seven (Indoor). The Club dominated Leinster Hockey, both outdoor and indoor right up to the mid 1990’s with a particular triumph culminating in the Capture of the Irish Senior Cup in 1996.

2000 to date

After the monumental Victory in the Irish Senior Cup, which was coupled the following year by Newpark School winning the All Ireland Schoolboy Championships, the club underwent a restructuring and re-growth period. Avoca applied for the re-development of the two grit hockey pitches and successfully received a grant from the National Lottery. A new state of the art water based Astro turf pitch was completed in time for the 2006/2007 season and is still in use today. More recently the Club, in partnership with the Domincan College Sion Hill, secured a Sports Capital Grant towards a new sand dressed Astro turf which was completed in 2015. The Club also rents pitches at Loreto College, Foxrock and St Andrews in Booterstown.

These four locations are needed to cater for a Club with a fast growing Membership of over 1000 members, an increase of 35% in the last 4 years. Currently the Club boasts 5 Mens Senior Teams and 5 Ladies Senior Teams, competing in a range of provincial leagues and cups as well as national trophies. Both our Mens and Ladies 1st teams now compete in Division 1 and our Junior Girls and Boys compete in A leagues at all age groups.

Avoca supports all levels of Hockey from Community and Social up to Elite Development. We believe in our sport as being a core support for the development of youth health and well-being complimented by key life skills development through leadership and teamwork.

The Future

Avoca Hockey Club are committed to the development of hockey as a national sport. We have set goals to have our Men’s and Women’s 1st teams competing in The (IHL) Irish Hockey League by 2022 and consolidating our membership and to maintain 1000+ members. We are always looking for and welcoming new members as well as some old faces to the club.

Note; Our youth sections do fill up quickly and there is a maximum we can take each year. There is currently the potential to take in more boys for the 2021/22 season.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions about Avoca Hockey Club please visit our contacts page or email

Avoca Hockey CLub CLG Memorandum & Articles of Association 10th January 2022

The Avoca Hockey Club Governance Structure is as follows.

Board of Directors

Paul Cronin – CEO and President
Celine Furey – Finance Director
Ben Geoghegan – Foundation Director
Mike Heskin – Co-opted
Sheena Horgan – Co-opted
Bernadette Keogh – Vice President
Jonathan Cole – CLG Secretary, Foundation Director
Mary McKenna – Co-opted
Dennis O’Connor – Chairperson

Executive Committee

President – Paul Cronin
Vice President – Bernadette Keogh
Treasurer – Celine Furey
Club Secretary – Al Robinson
Development Officer – Leo Sex
Head of Youth Hockey – Chris Stewart
Junior Girls’ Chair – Mait O’Faolain
Senior Girls’ Chair – Niamh Kennedy
Boys’ Chair – Belinda Crous / Nathalie Carroll
Women’s Club Captain – Jess Whelan / Molly Cole
Men’s Club Captain – Andrew Ramsay

Fundraising Committee

Bernadette Keogh – Vice President
Leo Sex – Development Chair

Other roles

Club Designated Liaison Person – Al Robinson
Authorised Liaison Officer – Al Robinson
Women’s Vets Captain – Emma Meir
Men’s Vets Captain – Donal O’Sullivan
Umpire Development Officer – vacant
Club Children’s Officer – Al Robinson
ID Hockey – Patricia Martin
Walking Hockey – Declan Goulding
Social Committee – Ruth & Leo Sex

Avoca Hockey Club Life Time Members

Peter Agnew
Carl Breaden
Caroline Brennan
Jonathan Cole
Mark Cullen
Trevor Dagg
Brian Dobson
Roger Dunwoody
Nigel Kingston
Dick Mallet
Andrea McAuley
Emma Meir
Hilary Murray
Dennis O’Connor
Anna Richardson
Kate Rushe
Declan Ryan
Ian Wilkie

Avoca Women Internationals

Fiona Brehony
Orla Bell

Avoca Women Indoor Internationals

Orla Bell

Avoca Men Internationals

R. F. Leitch 1923-28. Avoca, Monkstown, Army. (5 Caps)
Dennis J. Coulson 1932-39. Avoca, Dublin University, Army, Three Rock Rovers (21 Caps)
J. A. MacDonogh 1936-39. Avoca, Dublin University (11 Caps)
Leslie Andrews 1954-55. Avoca (3 Caps)
Andrews (Scotland)
Jonathan Cole 1977-83. Dublin University, Dublin YMCA, Avoca (66 Caps)
David Richardson 1977-83. Avoca (40 Caps)
Simon Filgas 1982-90. Avoca (68 Caps)
Mark Cullen 1982-86. Avoca (35 Caps)
Peter Agnew 1983-85. Avoca (9 Caps)
Johnny Watterson 1984-87. Avoca (9 Caps)
Nigel Kingston 1986-1993. Avoca (34 Caps)
Robert Ryan 1990-96. Catholic Institute, Avoca (16 Caps)
Brian Long 1990. Harlequins, Avoca (3 Caps)
Colin Hade 1990-97. Dubin YMCA, Avoca (51 Caps)
A. van de Kastella (A. Scott). 1991-93. Avoca (3 Caps)
Galahad Goulet 1995-99. Avoca (31 Caps)
Peter Darley 1996-97. Avoca (5 Caps)

Avoca Men Indoor Internationals

Liam Canning 1989 (3 Caps)
Jonathan Cole 1977-88 (20 Caps)
Mark Cullen 1987 (11 Caps)
Simon Filgas 1979-89 (49 Caps)
Nigel Kingston 1986-89 (20 Caps)
David Richardson 1977-78 (8 Caps)
Philip Shier 1983-89 (31 Caps)
Johnny Watterson 1986-88 (17 Caps)

Coming soon.

The men’s teams play in white jerseys with black shorts and black socks. The women wear white jerseys, black skorts and black socks. All sport clothing items have the Avoca Hockey Club crest.