Give Hockey a Go

Give Hockey a Go

Give Hockey a Go 2022

Last week, the final session of a 4-week programme to reengage or make a start with Hockey saw 3 mixed teams (Red, White and Black with Mark & Emma Meir, Naomi Murphy, Sandra Boyle, Emmet Lande and Niamh Kennedy) play a round robin series with Tiggy Hudson and Jeff Jones in Goals; Ben Geoghegan and Stevie Jenkins umpiring and Patricia Martin providing the BBQ.

A total of 45, 33 Women and 12 Men, signed up and nearly all attended at least one session. While most were already connected to Club as a Parent or had tried Social Hockey during the year nearly 1/3rd had no prior connection with the Club. Age range was 30 to late 50s and some 40s classed themselves as new to Hockey although you would not have guessed that by the time the matches got going on the last day. We hope to see many at Summer Hockey and look forward to welcoming new playing members in September.

This programme, now in its 4th year, involves the voluntary efforts of club members and a big thank you to Ben, Emma, Emmet, Jeff, Mark, Naomi, Sandra, Tiggy, Stevie and Niamh as well as Stephen Saint and Rebecca O’Donoghue who missed the final night through illness and work but not only anchored the rest of the sessions.

Yours in Sport

Dennis O’Connor

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