Odd Sock Challenge

Sock It For WDSD Avoca

On Sunday at our Season Finale in St Andrews, we are holding an Odd Sock Challenge in support of Downs Syndrome Centre and we are encouraging everyone to take part.

Feel free to bring along some spare change/notes and drop them into the buckets on Sunday to support them.

Facts about Down Syndrome
Downs Syndrome is an extra copy of the Chromosome 21.
62% of adults know someone with Down Syndrome.
12% of people have a family member with Down Syndrome.
Every year roughly 150 kids are born with Down Syndrome in Ireland (roughly 1 in 444 births).
There are roughly 7,000 people in Ireland with Down Syndrome.

The Down Syndrome Centre
Providing services since 2014.
Based in the Sandyford Business Park.
Supporting 440 families.
Provide services like OT, Speech and Language.

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