Umpiring is kicking back!


Together with the Leinster Branch and Hockey Ireland, Avoca is trying to not just recruit umpires but to make umpiring a key part of hockey development in our Club. We are working to align umpiring training with national and international standards.

Part of our hockey development plan is umpiring education and helping you with your own umpire-development pathway. If you are 12 or older you can start your own umpire career.

Club member Stephen Jenkins, playing with the Fearsome 4’s (last seasons Minor Cup winners) will be our umpire development liaison person. With the help of the Leinster and Irish Hockey Umpire panels he will be a key part of the clubs’ umpiring development. “There is much more to follow” according to Stephen, but “if you want to get into umpiring and want support from within the club just contact me!”

The four seminars hosted by Leinster hockey will be a great indicator if you like umpiring and help you to understand how umpires think and come to certain decisions. Let Stephen know if you would like to attend: 086 310 8639.

Or book here for the first seminar:

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