Primary & Secondary School Teachers

It is believed there are many school teachers who are currently involved in club hockey or were previously, who are in schools which don’t currently play hockey intra or inter school.

Irish Hockey is looking to locate these teachers and see what support they might like from us to see if hockey could be started or further developed (if it is at a low base) in the school they are in.

From both primary and secondary schools, but especially primary schools as this is a big area for potential growth in hockey.

Maybe there is a club member who teaches in a primary school in your vicinity or in the vicinity of another hockey club. Or maybe in an area with a club not near them at the moment. We have opportunities to start hockey in these schools and grow the sport thus making it better for everyone involved in it.


Also you might have parents of junior members who are teachers as well. If we can ask Junior co-ordinators to locate these parents as well it would be helpful. Please could you share the above Microsoft form amongst the members / ex players / parents who are teachers in schools where there is no or little hockey played currently. If someone cannot fill in the above form I can be contacted directly on

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