Online Umpiring Sessions

Leinster Hockey

The Leinster Hockey Umpires Association (LHUA) will be running a series of online sessions over the next few weeks which are open to all umpires and aspiring umpires in Leinster. The topics that will be covered are

1. Positioning – 7:30pm, Tuesday 18th August

Presenter: Alison Keogh –

2. Penalty Corners – 7:30pm, Thursday 27th August

Presenter: Bruce Bale –

3. Management – 7:30pm, Wednesday 2nd September

Presenter: Tom Goode –

4. Pre-Match Preparation (incl. Open Q&A) – 7:30pm, Monday 7th September

Presenter: Fiona Davitt –

Registration is via the Google Form under each topic and attendees are invited to submit any questions via the form. This is a great opportunity to learn more about specific areas of the game and we would urge anyone interested in umpiring to register for any or all of these online events.

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