Covid-19 Course

Sport Ireland Covid-19

Sport Ireland has revamped their free online Covid-19 course – Click Here. The course aims at supporting administrators, volunteers, coaches and participants to return to sport during phase 3 in a safe and practical manner. The course is split into two sections

Section A builds on the previous awareness course and has been updated with the current government advice and guidelines in relation to Covid19.  It also includes modules on the recommendations and guidance from the Expert Group in relation to Phase 3.  The course is targeted at supporting administrators, volunteers, coaches and participants.

Section B of the course aims to support those who have been nominated to fulfil the Covid Officer Role within clubs (and other groups). This section includes specific modules in relation to that role – Responsibilities, Management Plans, Venue Layouts, Dealing with a Breakout, Emergency First aid etc. Participants can choose to complete Section A only or both sections A & B.  Nominated Covid Officers (and supervisors) are recommended to complete both sections.

Both sections will include a test/quiz and a Certificate of Completion.

Overview of Course Content:

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Equipment Hygiene
  • Advice on exercising during Covid-19 & Safe Return to Play Post Infection
  • Safe Return to Sport & Physical Activity
  • Advice for Group Activity
  • Returning to activity in the Great Outdoors
  • Phase 3 Guidance
  • Covid19 Officer Training
  • Staying Informed  

The link to this course, Hockey Ireland “return to play” protocols, Club Declaration Forms etc., can all be found on the LHA website.  There is a new “COVID 19 TAB” on the homepage which is where all information relevant to Covid-19 is easily accessible – Click Here

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