Orange Warning

There is a status Orange wind warning for Leinster for Saturday 29th February from 1pm to 7pm so please note the following in relation to scheduled fixtures for the weekend:

Saturday 29th February

  • Any fixture where a team has to travel more than 80km is postponed unless the travelling team is willing to travel and play.
  • All fixtures scheduled to start before 1pm should proceed
  • All other fixtures scheduled for after 1pm should proceed also. These matches are then subject to Bye Law 3.4 Grounds, see below.

Sunday 1st March

All games to proceed at present.

Bye Law Extract 3.4 Grounds

If in the opinion of the umpires at the time fixed for the starting of the match, the ground is in such a condition as to be unfit for play they shall be entitled to declare the match off. At their sole discretion, the umpires may allow a period for a pitch to be made ready for play, but in all such circumstances, the question of the fitness of a pitch for play shall rest solely with the umpires whose decision is final. If in the opinion of both umpires, the pitch is not marked satisfactorily for the game, the match shall be postponed and the venue reversed for the re-fixture.

A match may be abandoned by the umpires if ground or weather conditions make further play is impossible. Any abandoned match will be replayed in full at a later date at the original venue.

Goals must have nets, back boards and side boards and the boards must be dark coloured. If there are no nets the match must be postponed and the venue reversed for the re-fixture.

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